Business Banking Services and Benefits

Quaint Oak Bank takes a digital-first approach, offering customized business banking services that fit your goals. From business checking accounts to lines of credit, we have a solution to help your company thrive.

We offer a suite of commercial banking services to meet our business customers’ banking needs:

Our secure wire transfer system allows for convenient domestic and international funds transfers. Key benefits include:

  • Same-day or future-dated wires
  • One-time or recurring transactions
  • Secure encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Domestic and international wires
  • Dual approval for control of payment activity

Seamlessly integrate your accounting with online banking by automatically opening QuickBooks® files from our commercial banking services online platform. This eliminates manual data entry and reconciliation. Capabilities include:

  • Business Connect Online Banking files may be automatically opened from within QuickBooks®
  • No manual data entry
  • Automatically reconcile data
  • No duplicate transactions

Save trips to the bank by scanning checks for electronic deposit from your scanner. Features include:

  • Multiple daily deposit batches
  • Records of digital check images maintained, front and back
  • Information securely transmitted with multi-factor authentication and encryption
  • Transactions protected with strong fraud prevention measures

Safely originate account debits and credits and complete ACH transactions securely with the following features:

  • Minimize your chances of having checks lost, stolen, or fraudulently reproduced
  • Transfer funds to vendors and other payees immediately, while accessing incoming funds immediately
  • Reduce invoicing hassles through collecting customer payments and writing fewer checks
  • Better forecast account balances with greater accuracy by knowing exactly when funds will be disbursed or received

Sweep accounts automatically transfer funds between accounts as needed, saving you the difficulty. Benefits include:

  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)
    • Sweep funds from a number of checking accounts to a master account
    • Assist and improve the management of cash flow
  • Credit Sweep
    • Transfer funds from a line of credit into a checking account when the balance drops below a certain level
    • Transfer funds out of a checking account when balance exceeds a set balance to pay down any outstanding principal on a line of credit
    • Experience convenience of automatic transfers
    • Assist and improve the management of cash flow

View payment history and schedule payments in advance using free online BillPay. With BillPay you can:

  • Automate recurring payments
  • Make it easy to differentiate between similar payees
  • Easily enter vendor and other payee information
  • Access up to six months of payment history

Positive Pay provides an additional layer of security for your business banking transactions. Advantages include:

  • Regularly upload files to our online banking system
  • Quaint Oak Bank compares payments you report against transactions that have been previously received

Learn more about our business banking services and the benefits of Positive Pay here.

Digitally deposit checks instantly from your phone with the Quaint Oak Bank app. With mobile remote deposit you can:

  • Save time by depositing funds instantly from your phone
  • Experience the convenience of making deposits from wherever you are located
  • Securely capture and add check information in a trusted mobile app

By partnering with Quaint Oak Bank, you can get more out of your business banking services. Connect with a member of our team to learn how our commercial banking products can help your company operate more efficiently.