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Commercial Loans

Are you planning on opening a new business, expanding a current facility, purchasing new equipment, or increasing your operational costs? Businesses who require funding to support their company’s growing needs may qualify for a Quaint Oak Bank commercial loan. A commercial loan could be extended to your business for real estate, equipment financing, capital funding, and more.

Commercial and Industrial or C&I Loans

Commercial and industrial loans offer businesses and corporations funds for various corporate purchases, including operational essentials, working capital, and financing capital expenditures. C&I loans are typically short-term and have variable interest rates. With access to a C&I loan, your organization can obtain the necessary inventory, equipment, machinery, and other materials or supplies needed for your business.

Pair of business owners in their new warehouse space after applying for a commercial property loan

Commercial Property Loans for Owner Occupied Real Estate

Quaint Oak Bank offers a suite of financial solutions for business owners, including those seeking commercial property loans for owner occupied real estate. Business owners frequently search for more information regarding commercial property loans when they are interested in owner occupied real estate, or when the borrower is also the entity occupying the purchased property.

Commercial property loans are appropriate for businesses looking for space, but not limited to:

  • Medical Offices and Dental Practices
  • Veterinarian Practices
  • Law Offices and CPA Firms
  • Restaurants
  • Daycares and Childcare Facilities

Commercial property loans for owner occupied real estate allow the borrower to build equity in their property. Instead of paying a landlord rent over time, a commercial property loan allows owners to develop their assets.

Commercial Loans and Lending with Quaint Oak

Quaint Oak offers numerous financial services and products for businesses in need of development and funding. We can work together to discuss options that help you secure greater cash flow, obtain new machinery, leverage your equity and establish the property you need, and more. Contact us to discuss how Quaint Oak can help fuel the future of your business. 

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