Quaint Oak Grow With Us

Grow with Quaint Oak

We have a 95 year history with an unwavering commitment to our customers and team.

  • As we continuously grow we constantly create new positions and opportunities
  • We believe in encouraging career movement horizontally, vertically, and diagonally
  • A career with us provides training, mentorship and advancement opportunities
  • We value company culture, strong leadership, development, and opportunity
  • We are excited to welcome 34 new employees in 2020
  • To view our team, click here
Cartoon people holding globe

Environment Conscious

We are proud to contribute to the sustainability of our planet!

  • Minimized water consumption
    • Motion sensor to reduce water use
  • Paperless environment
    • Utilize software to eliminate need for printed papers
  • Implement new technologies to advance environmental wellbeing
    • Consistent research for opportunities to advance the environment
  • Remote work
    • Reduced commute lessened carbon footprint
Illustration of numerous people helping each other

Community Involvement

We care about our customers, employees, and community.

  • Food and toy drives
    • Donating since 2012
  • Veterans support
    • Donations to local organizations
    • Special military package available
  • Educational support
    • Annual donations of $75,000+
    • Teaching financial literacy
  • Shred events
    • Hosting annual events since 2013
  • Empowering employees to support their communities
  • Weekly community food bank donations
Quaint Oak Bank Paving the Way

Paving Your Career

We understand the importance of accepting a career with proven stability.

  • We are a community bank
    • Our customers and employees are at the heart of what we do
  • Our team is multicultural and multilingual
    • Our rich diversity and belief in inclusion is a key strength
  • Our team is approachable, personable and knowledgeable
    • We encompass an ever-expanding range of business expertise and personal experience
    • Continually strive to raise our own personal bar