Mobile Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit

Welcome to Quaint Oak Bank Mobile Check Deposit. In order to successfully make your deposit, please follow the 4 steps listed below. We hope you find our Mobile Check Deposit easy and convenient to use.

Step 1

Use your fingerprint to securely log in

Quaint Oak Bank Mobile App Touch Security

Select “Deposit” from the menu

Quaint Oak Bank Mobile App Home Screen

Step 2

Click “New Mobile Deposit” and select your account

Quaint Oak Bank Mobile App Deposit Options

Step 3

Click on the required fields

Follow the prompts to take pictures of the front and back of your check.

Please note that the back of the check must state "Mobile Deposit QOB" to be processed

Image of Quaint Oak Bank Check Image of Quaint Oak Mobile App

Step 4

Choose “Next” and "Confirm" your deposit!

Quaint Oak Bank Mobile App Deposit Confirmation

For assistance please call 844.776.9594

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